What is OVO Affiliates?

OVO Affiliates is an affiliate programme that allows interested third parties to join in on the excitement and earn money by promoting OVO Casino on any of their websites, or by referring players to sign up to the site. By doing so, affiliates are entitled to a percentage of the revenue generated by player deposits – which is an excellent way to monetize your existing website content.

Is OVO Affiliates for me?

As with most things in life, the choice is entirely up to you. If you currently own a site that sees a reasonable amount of traffic, you might want to step things up a notch. It’s completely free to join meaning that you could be making some extra money, with literally nothing to lose.

Sounds good – where do I sign up?

Simply fill out the details on our registration form and give us a moment as we verify your information and validate you and you’ll be right on your way to becoming an OVO Affiliate – an official partner and affiliate to OVO Casino.

First steps?

Once you log in to your account, you will be granted access to a bank of marketing creative that include banners and links. Simply add one of our banners to your website and that’s about it – you’ve just created a new and nifty way of earning money almost instantly.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely none. OVO Affiliates is free to all affiliates, and seeks to deliver all necessary marketing collateral from day one.

May I take a look at your T&Cs?

Our full OVO Affiliate Terms and Conditions may be accessed right here

How will I get paid?

We’ll be transferring your commission via your preferred payment method by not later than the 15th of every month. Should the minimum amount required not be reached, funds will be carried-on to the next month.

What about payments?

OVO Casino issues payouts by not later than the 15th of every month. Keep in mind that there’s a minimum earning of €50 in order to be eligible for payment, however this amount may be carried-on from month to month.


How can i check my earnings?

Click here to login to your OVO Affiliate account. You will find all your earnings listed, with no hidden fees whatsoever.

How much money should I expect?

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best commission programs, starting out with a fantastic 30% and moving upwards according to performance. It’s important to keep in mind that we are committed to delivering a transparent, efficient, and profitable affiliate program with no hidden costs or fees at any time.

How do I add banners and links?

Log in and pick the banner or link that you feel suits your site best. Then copy and paste the link into your CMS and watch the magic happen.

How are you keeping track of my players?

Any banners or links available in your media gallery contain a personal tracking code that’s been associated to your account. Whenever a player visits OVO Casino using one of these links, a cookie containing your unique tracking code is stored in the users computer. When a player signs up, OVO Casino will recognise this referral code and the player is added to your account. From now on, any profits generated from this player will automatically translate to commissions to your account.

What’s negative net earning?

This happens from time to time, as players both win and lose money in the casino. Nevertheless it’s important to note that negative balances are never carried-over from month to month.

I’ve still got more questions – can I get in touch?

Sure thing. Feel free to get in touch with any of our Customer Support Agents either via live chat every day between 9:00am and 22:00pm – or shoot us an email and expect a reply within the next 24 hours.

Can you help with a forgotten password?

Simply click the ‘Forgot password’ link right beside the login button on OVO Affiliates and we’ll reset your password in no time.